Kanakdhara Anushthan

Kanakdhara Anushthan For Wealth & Prosperity

Kanakdhara Anushthan to please & invoked the blessings of goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth by way of recitation kanakadhara stotram & mantra chants. Kanakdhara stotram is a hymn- stotra composed in Sanskrit by way of adi shankara. Kanakdhara approach “Stream” (Dhara) of “Gold” (Kanaka), and the hymn is called by means of this call on the grounds that legend has it that when adi sankara recited it, goddess lakshmi seemed in the front of him and unleashed a stream of gold. The kanakadhara stotram is a effective hymn that pleases goddess lakshmi and eliminates poverty, showering benefits, happiness, wealth and abundance at the worshipper. Kanakdhara stotram 21 stanzas have become sacred and famous as kanakadhara stotram sung for the welfare of every body suffering because of the beyond karma and stricken by poverty kanakadhara puja allows to triumph over from the malefic consequences of planet venus  & a hymn appeasing goddess lakshmi..


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